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Together for Medford

Medford is a great place to live and work.  It's the heart of the Rogue Valley, and the jewel of Southern Oregon.  But we have tremendous challenges today, and Medford needs a City Council with a vision to keep our city on the right track.

Rejuvenate Downtown

Every Medfordite knows:  our downtown is not what it could or should be.  We must rejuvenate Downtown Medford, making it safe, vibrant, and prosperous for all.


Our skyrocketing cost of living is forcing our recent graduates out of the area, and preventing our kids from coming home.  We need to expand housing and make starter homes available for our first time home-buyers so that the next generation can continue to call Medford home.


We must have compassion for the most vulnerable members of our community, helping them off the streets and into the services they need.

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