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Medford residents faces many important issues that will impact our future quality of life.  We need leadership that understands these issues, and has real solutions to address them.


Homelessness is one of the top issues in Oregon for the 2022 election.  It's a complicated issue, but we must take aggressive steps to prevent the issue from spiraling out of control. (Read More)


Our skyrocketing cost of living is forcing our recent graduates out of the area, and preventing our kids from coming home.  We need to expand housing and make starter homes available for our first time home-buyers so that the next generation can continue to call Medford home. (Read More)

Road Diets

Lanes are disappearing from our streets, to be replaced with bike lanes that no one uses.  Instead of taking away much needed road capacity and turning this into an issue of bikes vs. cars, we should instead be looking for better and more innovative ways to allow bikes and cars to coexist. (Read More)

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